Paniks meddelande till fansen

"It's tough for us to write these lines.
As yet it's been a long struggle, an exhausting way, and a part of the band doesn't have the energy to walk this way anymore.
It hurts but we have to understand and accept.
Due to this, we're forced to announce the band PANIK will not go on in this constellation, and the tour in December will be the last tour in Germany.

As someone on the outside you don't really know nor learn much about the music business.
You hear a song and if you like it, you get it, no matter legally or illegally, and that pretty much wraps it up in the most cases. We are living in a world, where you can get music for free, but we can´t live without at least minimum of money.
What's behind each and every song is unknown to the most.
A production, a management, a record label, a publisher and many, many more people and things.
If one of these pillars breaks away, it's tough for the band to fully focus on the music.
It's just too much politics; sometimes it's a never-ending fight to do what you actually want.
Just music. For this album release we fought and set all the stuff we didnt want aside.
We didnt "prostitute" ourselves. Unfortunately it's inevitable with our attitude and approach that a few of those supporting pillars break away.
All we can say is that not many bands went through the stuff we had to.
Loads of people kept telling us that we are pretty much like a magnet, attracting the shadowsides of this business.

We'd like to thank all the people who accompanied us in the last couple of years and stood in our rows loyal to the core.
It was a great and unbelievable time with you. You're great. And we think you might feel a little as we do.
An era comes to an end and this era was that unique due to you folks.

Your guys from PANIK

Ah, and for fuck sake, the questionable journalism of the German youth magazines doesn't even allow us to explain this to our fans first. Frank never was in touch with that magazine... Thank you very much."

Postat av: Veronica

Jag kommer låta så hemsk nu. Men jag tror att det är bra för dem att de faktiskt bestämde sig för det här. För de skulle inte må bättre av att fortsätta om några inte kände sig 100% säkra på att de ville det här.

2009-11-11 @ 19:56:36
Postat av: Zara/Nä

asså det gör så jävla ont

2009-11-12 @ 00:08:35

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