Nya Panik

"Nya Panik" består av Timo Sonnenschein och David Lauden Bonk:

Deras första låt är "Es ist Zeit":

För er som inte förstår tyska så bra, så har min tyska vän Lala översatt låten till engelska:
We had a wonderful time,
But every time has an ending.
it’s going to end, it’s going to end…

One glance back, and one forward
A piece of luck is newborn
I’m taking it with me and I look forward, I look forward
The Memory I hold it tight, I have it here and I think of you,
I’ll keep it as good as I can, please think of that, think of that
(think of that, think of that, think of that, think of that, think of that)

You know who I am, and I know how you are
And what we are, don’t forget it, don’t forget me, please don’t
(please don’t)

It’s time to get up,
It’s time to give up
The time has come, we have to go, and say goodbye


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