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Panik are back! With their new streetsingle, which can be downloaded on their official website, with their new single "Lass mich fallen", which can be downloaded and new Album named "Panik", available at the end of September. Of course the boys are going to answer some of our questions.

What did you do after the release of "Was wurdest du tun", except the studio work? Did you have time for other projects too?
To be honest, we only made music. But not with someone else and if, then only for fun. We wrote many songs, we practised a lot. The new album is produces by us.

How long did the studio work for "Panik" take?

We wrote songs for half a year. Then we were in the studio for 8 months.

What was the hardest part about it all? Was there a song that needed lot of work and took away lot of energy?
Yes, I think if was definitely "Ein letztes Mal". We worked on the chorus for 6 months! But it was worth it!

Do you have a completely new sound on thealbum, or is it still the same? How big is the different between your 1st and 2nd CD?
Somehow we felt like this was our debut album. It's really different, the process was different. The new album is purely "Panik".

Where did you find the inspiration for the new songs?

During the last year we've been through a lot. All of it, all of our feelings are in the new songs.

How did you pick songs for the abum? Did you have a lot of them?

Let's say it this way : We had a lot of songs, but the final decision was real easy.

Are you looking forward to the release?

Oh yes! We're excited and curious, if the new material will be successful out there. But we're not under stress, because we know it is good music.
You released the streetsingle first before the official single was out. Why do you use this system?
We like to make videos ...:) Streetsingle was something like 'thank you' to our true fans, who stood by us the whole time.

How much hope do you have for "Lass mich fallen"?

Hmm, let's look. The song is a good thing. But we see ourselves more like an album band, not a single band.

How does it look like with your jobs? Still full-time musicians?


What are your next music plans?

Songwriting, songwriting, songwriting .. and of course the tour, which will begin in December.

Do you know the exact dates allready?

They can see us in December on a small tour in big cities. The final dates are going to be known in a little while. beginning of 2010 there will be a bigger tour. We can't wait to play live again!

How much do you miss the stage?

We really miss it. We're all musicians in blood so we want to play play play. We like the time in the studio, but now the time for the tour has come.

Are you afraid that some reactions from the fans won't be the ones you've expected?

No because the know that we are 100%ly satisfied with that we produced.

Did you change during your "comeback" phase, or are you still like the old times?

Of course we did change, everyone changes. We learned a lot, exactly from the tough situations. But now we are even stronger as a band.

Could you end the process with the ex-managers, so you could relieved come back?



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